As of spring 2016 the Bobs are on Hiatus from touring for a while. For those of y'all that need that Bobs fix, we have a rather extensive archive of live show recordings that we'll be posting here as we sort them out.

Gunnar, Matthew, Janie and Richard - The Great American Music Hall was our San Francisco home in the eighties. This show includes some never recorded "gems." 

Set List: 

Food to Rent, Bulky Rhythm Polka, Mopping, Prisoner of Funk, Banana Love, Party Trained, Baseball, My I'm Large, Lazy Susan, To Sir With Love, Salt, My Shoes (Gunnar lead), Deep Ow (Walk on Fire), Art for Art Sake, Down the Alley, Boy Around the Corner, Relax in My Home (way long drum solo that we mercifully fade out on)